The most famous drink in Brazil could not be left out. Widely known around the world, the traditional caipirinha is a drink made from cachaça (also Brazilian alcoholic beverage), lemon and ice. Today there are already many flavor variations, such as siriguela, carambola and other tropical fruits.
Acai is a purple berry, originally from the northern region of Brazil, but which conquered everyone because it is the raw material for one of the more traditional country meals. Being consumed in both savory and sweet meals, its most famous mixture is with banana.
The feijoada, famous fejuca, originates from slave food and has become perhaps the most traditional food in Brazil. Made with black beans, pork, pepper and often accompanied by farofa, orange and bay leaf, fejada is practically indispensable in every Brazilian's dish, especially when there is a little beer with it.
One of the most typical foods in northeastern Brazil, couscous has conquered the whole country for being good with basically everything. Made from corn flakes and prepared quickly and easily, couscous has become one of the main foods in Brazil, whether accompanied by butter, eggs or even milk and sugar.
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